01 December, 2010

Golem Studio's Etsy shop - The grand opening

It looks like the last days are a time for a lot of "first ever things" for us - we just finished with setting up our Etsy shop, and now there are a few items already listed there. You can check it out here:
Golem Studio's Etsy Shop
For the first listings we choose some pieces with special meaning for us.  We are just in love with the town of Barcelona, each visit there is giving us some unique experiences and inspiration.
 Every visitor can feel the unique spirit of the town, but especially for the ceramic artists it's more like a pilgrimage, well lubricated by some paella and sangria.
In the Etsy shop you can now see a few of the pendants which were directly inspired by the work of the greatest of Barcelona's architects Antoni Gaudi.  His buildings are maybe the most emblematic part of Barcelona's landscape.

In the pictures here you can see each one placed next to the exact mosaic spots that inspired their creation. These mosaics are part of some giant art and ecology installation - the big terrace in what's now called "Park Guel".  The mosaics are part of the decoration of the big mosaic bench, which works as the rim/border of the terrace.

This last picture shows one of the legs of the Salamander - a mosaic sculpture which stands on the entrance of the Park Guel, with our pendant representing the front part of the lizard shown on the foot of the sculpture. Gaudi described the Salamander as "Symbolic guardian of the entrance to the Underworld". This sculpture is something like a non-official symbol of the town of Barcelona.

Wish us luck with this new venue!  We are proud to be part of such great art and craft community as Etsy, very soon we'll show more of our work there.

Have a fantastic day!
Vlad & Kremena


  1. I love Gaudi! And you couldn't have picked a better inspiration! Wonderful pieces! Have no doubt about your upcoming success on Etsy! You both have a fantastic day too :)

  2. Best to both of you with your etsy store. You'll do great with your gorgeous designs!

  3. Thank you for the nice wishes! We are very excited about Etsy!