16 March, 2011

New shopping option on our website

Some of the beads in the new shop

One of the prime goals for us this year is the improvement of our website functionality, and giving new options to our clients. As the first part of our improvements we have added the Retail Shop - Europe option.

Some more beads and charms
Why did we do this? Since Bulgaria is part of the European Union  it's much easier and faster for our clients from all the European countries to receive parcels sent from another EU country. The average time for parcels to arrive in UK and Denmark (our recent experience is with these 2 countries) was 4-5 days. The other option that visitors from Europe will probably like are the retail prices iare n EUR in this shop.

For now the shop has a bit of a limited variety of choices (compared to the number of the in stock items in our USA Retail Shop), but we are planning to actively add stuff to it during the next few months.

Nature inspired pendants

We'd be really thankful for some feedback about how you like the new shop. If there are some more shopping options that you'd like to see available, please feel free to let us know. Or if there is something in the info or in the shop policies that sounds unclear - any feedback will be warmly welcomed!  Also although we have tested this shop extensively it is possible that we may have missed some rascally bug.  So if you encounter any bugs please let us know so we can exterminate them.

Pendants - "Lace"
Cabochon with red dragonflies

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